Burlington's Independence Day Celebration

Featuring Family-Friendly Festivities Along the Waterfornt

2020's BTV July 3 Independence Day Celebration is CANCELLED due to current mass gathering limits. 

We look forward to seeing you in 2021! As always, show us how you're celebrating this year by tagging us #btvjuly3

This July 3, we're celebrating... differently. Due to COVID-19 precautions a big event at the Waterfront with spectacular fireworks is obviously not possible this year. During our planning phase to organize something fun for the city to celebrate Independence Day we took a moment to pause in reflection. In light of current events and conversations happening about race and equity, combined with the recent attention to Juneteenth celebrations, we realized that Independence Day doesn't have the same meaning to everyone. For too many years, too many people never got to experience the same freedoms. This is an important time to reflect on that, and listen, and learn what we can all do to make this country better, and find ways to address the pain and division that still affects our country today.

Balancing those considerations with the fact this holiday is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate summer, and has equally positive meaning for many people, we do want to make this a moment to come together as a community, while remaining safe during the pandemic too! So, instead of an organized event, we are focusing on celebrating as family and friends, doing whatever traditions that you've enjoyed. Cookouts, camping, time at the beach.. whatever you like to do, we encourage you to share your photos and stories using the #btvjuly3 on social media. That's one way we can celebrate together, apart, safely.
The other part of the plan to  celebrate together, is to all make some noise at 7:30pm on Friday July 3rd! We're encouraging EVERYONE TO MAKE SOME NOISE! Head outside to shout, make music, bang on pots or whatever way you want to express your connection to the community for about 5 minutes. Friends and neighbors, this is a chance to celebrate our community and all the ways we make it great, together.
For those that will be missing the best fireworks in Vermont, we'll also be airing last year's fireworks on TV, thanks to our media sponsors ABC 22/ Fox 44. You can watch them from home or wherever you can stream it on Friday at 7:30pm and again at 10:30pm.